Our friend bought us a box of cat goodies to celebrate our new family member; Tink appreciated the box for sure.

Reading this week:

  • Born in Blackness by Howard W. French
  • Out of Darkness, Shining Light by Petina Gappah
  • Children of the Forest by Kevin Duffy (this dude wants to have sex with a pygmy)

Dearest readers, I have a new light in my life, a new joy and a new obsession. As I warned in the final paragraph of my latest Cat Café post, my super amazing girlfriend and I have adopted a cat!

Tink came to us from Mt. Purrnon Cat Café, where she had been rescued from a hoarding situation. She was apparently hugely popular there, and there was quite a lot of interest to adopt her. We decided to not change her name because she knows it (and will even come when in the mood), but I do tend to refer to her as “Tinkerbell” in a very high-pitched voice because I wuv her and her fuzzy widdle tail so so much.

Tink is 6 and knows what she likes already, which is high-up places and cuddly couches. We were very excited to discover that she is so bookish, given that we have so many books (this is the guest room bookshelf). She has her spot on the couch, and also her spot on the cat tree we got her, and also a lovely cat bed that she just nestles right into, but her absolute favorite spot is on a pillow on top of the couch. She appreciates luxury like the aristocat she is.

Look at this perfect baby angel.

One of her favorite activities, besides hanging out in the vicinity of us, is to hang out on windowsills, where she can observe the outside. She is an indoor cat, and seems to be a little afraid of the outdoors when the balcony door is open, but very much likes to watch all the birds from the safety of the windowsill. We got her a whole windowsill cushion so she could keep an eye out for intruders for us while my super amazing girlfriend works at her desk:

All in all she is the world’s most perfect cat, and is also absolutely the world’s smartest cat, and the cutest, and we love her a whole lot, and we would do absolutely anything for her, because of course we know she would do the same for us. I don’t actually think she likes being held like a baby much, though:

And that’s Tink!