Train Museum

Engine Number 955, built 1892. First owned by Cape Government Railways and was among the first batch of the 7th class purchased by CGR. Purchased by Zambezi Saw Mills in 1966. It is the oldest steam locomotive still existing in Zambia.

Reading this Week:

  • Screwjack by Hunter S. Thompson

After the Livingstone Museum, the second museum I dragged us to was the Railway Museum. This museum is juuuuust on the outskirts of Livingstone and while you could walk it was easy enough to take a cab. The museum is mostly centered around the history of the Zambezi Lumber company, who quickly expanded into the railroad business as a method of transporting their lumber. It features a wide range of trains from throughout the country’s history, and that day featured me being all excited and taking pictures of trains, and pretending to drive one:

I do love me a good steam plant. My girlfriend and I were 50% of the total tourist population that we saw there that day, so you can get yourself plenty of alone time with the trains. Included in the admission fee is also a guided tour. He takes you all around to look at the different trains and the history of the Zambezi Saw Mill, so that is pretty nice. The museum also features the Jewish Museum, which is a history of Jewish people in Zambia, as you might have guessed. I didn’t know it was there before we went, so that was a pleasant surprise. It was very recently installed and is very well done, and traces notable Jewish people and families of Zambia.