First Blog Post

My name is Pat and I used to be in the Navy. That’s technically only half true; as I sit here writing this I am still in the Navy, but our relationship is on its last legs. I graduated from the US Naval Academy with a degree in Chemistry and I went submarines. After nuclear training in Charleston I was stationed in Guam for three years. Guam is great. I did not like submarines. I decided to get out of the Navy for a variety of reasons that change with my mood, but the common thread is that I don’t really have the personality for the submarine force. It’s not you, babe, it’s me.

Part of the reason I am getting out of the Navy is because I want to see more of the world. A few points on that one, the first being that I realize I am a late 20-something cliché. Dissatisfied with the system! I need to do more with my life! Still, I want to see more of the world. Second is that I realize you’re supposed to see the world in the Navy. The Navy has taken me some cool places. I have done port calls in Japan, Singapore, Korea, and Australia. Due to an unfortunate run-in with a cop car and attempted grand theft auto, I only really got to see Singapore and Australia. Sill, without the Navy I wouldn’t have had any other excuse to live in Guam. However, my travel experiences while in the Navy have been few and far between, and difficult. Again, I accept a lot of the blame, but a radical change is still in order.

This blog is therefore called Pat in the World. My name is Pat, and I want to be in the world. Avoiding getting too lofty, my plan slash hope is to publish something weekly, in an essay-ish format. My personal goals are to improve my writing through practice, find my writing “voice,” push myself to go out and do things to provide blog fodder and avoid mental/physical/life stagnation, gain and audience and become rich with the help of the internet’s long tail, win the Olympics, and save Christmas. Thank you for reading my blog.