1. My name is Pat. I used to be in the Navy. I got out because I didn’t like it very much. Now I’m in the world.

I have blue eyes and blond hair and I am 5’11”, which doesn’t make me stand out in a particular sort of crowd. I graduated the US Naval Academy with a degree in Chemistry. Usually when I am describing myself I like to say I enjoy long walks on the beach. My only consistent hobby is reading, and my preferred genre is “esoteric things I find in used bookstores.” I throw some sci-fi in there to mix things up though.

Recently (2017), I joined the Peace Corps and now I live in a mud hut in Zambia. This was the most lifestyle-shaking thing I coud think of so I did it. I teach fish farming to rural villagers in Northern Province.

I am writing this blog to practice writing, motivate myself to see the world, and to gain fame and fortune. It is necessary to state that the views, opinions, etc., do not reflect the views, opinions, etc., of the Peace Corps, Navy, etc.

Thank you for reading my blog!

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